Leach Chapel CME Church - "It is not Heavy, if we all lift"
Leach Honors our Veterans and their families
"All gave some, but some gave all"
Pastor Danny J. Carter, Pastor and U.S. Marines
Bro. Ralph Armstrong, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
Bro. Warren E. Blakely, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
Bro. Aliciles Mack, Silver Star, Bronze Star
Purple Heart, U.S. Army (Deceased)
Bro. Oscar Moragne, U.S. Air Force (Deceased)
Rev. Rudolph V. Goodman, U.S. Army (Deceased)
Bro. Quinn Veasey, U.S. Army (Deceased)
Bro. David Brown, U.S. Army (Deceased)
Bro. Isaac Ashford, U.S. Army (Deceased)
Bro. Thomas Walton, U.S. Marines
Bro. David Brown, U.S. Army
Sis. Linda Dawson, U.S. Army
Sis. Gloria Loring, U.S. Army
Rev. Samuel Blanks, III, U.S. Marines
Rev. Estella Johnson-Tucker, U.S. Air Force
Bro. Sam Tucker, U.S. Army
Rev. Larry Brown, U.S. Army
Rev. Dickey Goodman, U.S. Army
Bro. Torre Mayweather, U.S. Army
Bro. Chris Watson, U.S. Army
Bro. Nathan Dawson, ROTC
Sis. Jasmine Jennings, ROTC
Bro. Thelton Cobb, U.S. Army (Afghanistan)
Sis. Vivian Blakely, U.S. Navy (Japan)
Sis. Maxie Blakely, U.S. Navy
Bro. Darnell Dawson, U.S. Navy
Bro. Lawrence Williams, U.S. Navy
Bro. Henry Rogers, U.S. Air Force
Pastor Della Lee-King, U.S. Army
Bro. Frank King, U.S. Navy
Bro. David Lee, U.S. Army
Bro. Isadore Banks, II, U.S. Navy
Rev. Kenneth Banks, U.S. Army
Bro. Billy Hamilton, U.S. Army
Bro. Fredrick 'Chad' Chapple, U.S. Air Force
Bro. Shelby Arrington, U.S. Navy
Bro. Russell Watson, U.S. Marines
Bro. Eugene Belcher, U.S. Marines
Bro. Dester Pridgen, III, U.S. Army
Bro. Dester Pridgen, Jr. U.S. Army and Marines (Deceased)
Bro. Emmett Pridgen, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
Bro. Everette Blakely, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
Bro. Wilbert Belcher, U.S. Army (Deceased)
Bro. Harold Pridgen, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
Bro. Nathaniel Dawson, U.S. Army (Deceased)
Bro. Isaac Perry, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
Bro. James Perry, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
Bro. Clarence Perry, U.S. Navy (Deceased)
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